The European Guitar Company is a new Promo Agency for the exotic guitars and amps, worldwide.

We make promotion for them. Customers in Europe can order directly from our clients.

We take care for service moves and can help with import the products.

Our people are wellknown in the music industry and like to do this as a hobby.

In fact we are a blog but with some sales activities for our clients, its a supporting.

For the moment these brands are our clients:

Luna Guitarworks from Indonesia

10S Custom Guitars from China

Carrozza Guitars from Brasil

Petersburg Amps from Russia

Conpeth Guitars from Russia

Inzane Guitar Skins from the USA

McNaught Guitars from the USA

BravaCaster from Spain

Phos Guitars from Greece

Kiesel Guitars from the USA

Lullaby Sound Amps from the USA

Lepsky Guitars from Russia

Fernandes Guitars from Japan

You need and like to have extra promo for your guitars or amps, try to contact us by:


You can mail us: Mail